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Condition 09 (Schedule 3) – Landscaping Plan Approved

Pursuant to Condition 09, Schedule 3 of Development Consent SSD 8208 of the Coleambally Solar Farm project, the Secretary approved the Landscaping Plan on 21 December 2017. The approval can be accessed via the below link.Coleambally_Solar_Landscaping_Plan_ApprovalColeambally_Solar_Landscaping_Plan_Final

Condition 05 (Schedule 3) – Road Upgrade & Channel Crossing Works Completed

Pursuant to Condition 5, Schedule 3 of Development Consent SSD 8208 of the Coleambally Solar Farm project, the required road upgrade works have been undertaken at the intersection of Ercildoune Road and Kidman Way, including a Basic Right Turn (BAR) and Basic Left Turn (BAL) treatment, to the satisfaction of RMS and Council and including the of upgrade of a section of Ercildoune Road from its intersection of Kidman Way to a minimum of 50 m west of the site [...]

Complaints Procedure & Complaints Register

How complaints about the development can be made -  all general complaints in relation to the development/construction of the Coleambally Solar Farm should be made via this homepage by following the below link. We endeavour to provide an initial response to all general complaints within the next two business days and to close out all complaints in full within two weeks. Complaints made at or near the location of the solar farm in person or via the contact details indicated at the construction site [...]

Traffic Management Plan Approved

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment approved the Traffic Management Plan (TMP) developed for the construction of the Coleambally Solar Farm prior to the commencement of the proposed road upgrade works.The approved TMP and the NSW Department of Planning and Environment's approval can be found in full here:Coleambally_Solar_TMP_Approval_20171103Coleambally_Solar_Farm_Traffic Management Plan

Development Consent and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

Pursuant to Condition 04, Schedule 04 of  Development Consent SSD 8208 of the Coleambally Solar Farm project dated 13 October 2017, the following information is made publicly available in relation to the project:Coleambally Solar - Development Consent Determination Letter (Approval)Coleambally Solar - Development Consent - Conditions of ConsentColeambally Solar -Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)**Please note that further information, including of all appendices and supporting documents of the EIS, can be accessed via this link to the Department of Planning and Environment's homepage.

Development Application Submission

The Development Application (DA), including an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) has been lodged.Hard copies of the EIS will be exhibited from Friday 5 May 2017 until Saturday 3 June 2017 in order to provide details of the project to the public community and to allow the community to express any concern about the Coleambally Solar Farm, which will then need to be addressed by Neoen.The EIS may be inspected during the relevant agencies’ ordinary office hours at:Murrumbidgee Council, Coleambally Department of Planning [...]

Coleambally Solar Farm Presentation

Neoen would like to thank the members of Coleambally Community who attended the Community Drop-in Session on March, 20th 2017.For the ones who could not attend, the project presentation can be downloaded here.Any question regarding the presentation can be sent to the project email address (   

Community drop-in session on March 20th

Neoen is holding a community drop-in session in Coleambally on Monday, March 20th from 4 to 8pm. Members of Neoen project team will be on-hand throughout the event to explain more about the project and to answer any questions. Date : Monday 20 March, 4-8pmVenue : Coleambally Club, 3 Falcon Road, Coleambally