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Coleambally Solar Project Modification Approved (SSD 8208 MOD 1)

We are pleased to inform you that the Coleambally Solar Project Modification 1 was approved by the Director, Resource and Energy Assessments, on 26 February 2018, as delegate of the Minister for Planning under Section 96(1A) of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.A copy of the Modifying Instrument of Approval and the Consolidated Consent  can be found via the below links. The Department's assessment report can be viewed on the Department's website ( )Coleambally Solar MOD 1 - [...]

Construction & Piling Works to Commence Soon

Deliveries are starting to arrive to the Coleambally Solar Farm site now and we are very excited about the impending start to the construction of the solar arrays together with the internal roads  and extended construction compounds. We expect a steady ramp-up of the installation of the PV array framing starting in the coming weeks.If you have any feed-back in relation to these works, please contact us on .

Condition 20 (Schedule 3) – Updated Chance Finds Protocol Acceptance

Pursuant to Condition 20, Schedule 3 of Development Consent SSD 8208 of the Coleambally Solar Farm project, OEH  provided confirmation that the updated unexpected finds protocol reflects the most recent OEH recommendations and OEH considers it to be appropriate. This approval can be accessed via the below link.Coleambally_OEH_Response_Unexpected_Finds_Protocol_Feb18

Application for Extended Work Hours & Community Event (23 January 4:30PM)

Dear Community Members,Please be advised that the project is currently seeking an extension of the working hours for the construction of the Coleambally Solar Farm. The new working hours are being introduced to reduce the construction period and minimise the impact to the site’s neighbours. Consultation with  Murrumbidgee Council and local community is ongoing.The proposed extended hours are as follows: - Monday to Friday 6am to 7pm; - Saturday and Sunday 6am to 7pm;Works during these new hours will remain of the same nature [...]

Final Layout Plan – Minor Update

Due to a minor design change in relation to the size of the solar panels, the final layout plan of the Coleambally Solar Farm project provided previously pursuant to Condition 04, Schedule 04 of Development Consent SSD 8208 undergone a minor revision.CO-1000-E-1000-Layout-Plan-Coleambally-Solar-Farm**Please note, final layout plan is subject to minor variations as construction progresses.

Getting Ready for Mobilization

Happy New Year from the Coleambally Solar Farm Team!We are very excited to inform you that the road intersection upgrade, channel crossing and solar farm entrance works have now been substantially completed and the construction teams will now start preparing for their mobilization to the site later in January 2018.We will keep the community informed  as construction works will commence in relation to the Coleambally Solar Farm project.We wish you all the very best for 2018!

Final Layout Plan – Pre-Construction

Pursuant to Condition 04, Schedule 04 of Development Consent SSD 8208 of the Coleambally Solar Farm project, the following information is made publicly available in relation to the project:Coleambally Solar - Final Layout Plan - Pre-Construction**Please note, final layout plan is subject to minor variations as construction progresses. Updated plans, if required, will be uploaded following start of construction.