News Room

Full Scale Operations Commencing

The Coleambally Solar Farm team is very excited to announce that the full scale commercial operation is about to begin following the completion of the remaining commissioning steps. The Coleambally Solar Farm project is the largest fully operational solar photovoltaic (PV) facility completely built in Australia to date and will remain the largest of such facilities in NSW for some time to come.We would like to thank the amazing community of Coleambally for welcoming us and for all the [...]

Construction Update – September / October 2018

The Coleambally Solar Farm team is extremely happy let you know that the solar farm is now fully completed including the installation of  all of its 567,828 solar PV modules. The solar farm is generating clean, renewable electricity that is being exported in the transmission system. Most of the construction team has now demobilised and the remaining engineers and electricians are undertaking final testing and commissioning activities in the coming weeks - we expect full-scale commercial operation to commence [...]

Construction Update – July/August 2018

The Coleambally Solar Farm project has achieved some significant milestones throughout the month of July and early August 2018. All the solar farm's equipment is installed and farm is connected into the transmission network now. The substation and the connection works were achieved on schedule which is a significant for the project. The solar farm's equipment is being energized and first generation is expected shortly then going through a slow ramp-up of production over the coming weeks.Construction crews and equipment [...]

Construction Update – June 2018

Despite some wet weather during the past weeks, the construction of the Coleambally Solar Farm is progressing well. Key construction highlights include:Installation of 100% of piles; Installation of 60%+ of trackers; Installation of 30%+ of all solar panels; Start of all electrical installations; Substation primary equipment installed;                               

50th Anniversary Celebrations of Coleambally

NEOEN was absolutely thrilled to have been invited to Coleambally's 50th birthday celebrations on the 8th of June in town.We would like to thank the community again for their amazing support of the project and for the fantastic night!

Construction Update – May 2018

Construction of the Coleambally Solar Farm is progressing well and and the pile and tracker system installations are well advanced.As of the end of May 2018 the installation of the solar panels have commenced as well and significant ramp-up of resources is expected throughout June to continue the progress of installations on site in accordance with the project program. Electrical works are expected to commence later in June and early July.

TransGrid Construction Environmental Management Plan Approved

Pursuant to the relevant conditions set out in  Schedules 2, 3 and 4 of Development Consent SSD 8208 of the Coleambally Solar Farm project, on 23 March 2018 the Secretary approved the proposed TransGrid Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) relating to the non-contestable connection works.The approval can be accessed via the below link. The works at TransGrid's substation will commence in early April.Coleambally Solar TransGrid CEMP Approval 

Condition 14 (Schedule 02) – Extended Work Hours Approved

Pursuant to Condition 14, Schedule 2 of Development Consent SSD 8208 of the Coleambally Solar Farm project, the Secretary approved the proposed extended work hours on 16 March 2018. The approval can be accessed via the below link.Coleambally Solar - Construction Hours Extension - Letter of Approval

Welcome to Country

A big Thank You to everyone who attended our Welcome to Country celebration at the Coleambally Solar Farm on the 8th of March!  Special thanks goes to the amazing performers of the  Tirkandi Inaburra Cultural and Development Centre based in Coleambally.